Ab Ronja Marin was founded in 1999, as a family business. M/v Ronja, which was launched in 1955 as Elizabeth Roorda, was purchased and run as a Master/Owner-vessel. She carried bulk and general cargoes around the Baltic Sea, e.g. sand, stone products, sugar, grain and fertilizers. In 2002, m/v Rebecca was aquired, an event which dramatically modernized the fleet. The old lady Ronja was laid up, and later sold to Kenyan interests. In the spring of 2007, Riona was aquired to meet the demands of the market, and by Christmas the same year, Rebecca was sold. A few months later, replacing tonnage had been found, which resulted in the purchase of m/v Ramona (ex-Maria H) in April 2008.

M/v Ramona and m/v Riona are now serving our clients in the Baltic and North Sea, with Captain A Isaksson still working partly as Master/Owner.




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